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Compliance Solutions


Please contact us on the following phone number with any questions, or to make an appointment:

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FCA Authorisation

Our services include supporting new insurance brokers and MGAs with FCA applications, developing compliance systems and controls - to enable compliant trading from the outset, and ongoing compliance support.

The key to a successful and swift FCA application lies in the accurate completion of forms and the preperation of a comprehensive and simple to understand regulatory business plan. These documents need to be prepared with the regulator's view on what is important in mind. Regulatory business plans will vary considerably from plans produced for commercial purposes.

In addition to preparing the application, City Compliance will develop Systems & Controls, and Policies and Procedures to ensure that on authorisation the client is ready and capable of trading in a compliant manner. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Preperation of FCA Application Forms
  • Drafting of a Regulatory Business Plan
  • Developing and implementing Systems & Controls and Policies and Procedures
  • Responding to FCA questions arising from the application



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